Top 7 Reasons to Teach Yoga

Top 7 Reasons to Teach Yoga

If you ask any teacher, “How did you become a yoga instructor?” most will tell you a similar story. At some point, yoga becomes such a big part of your life—such a source for joy and balance—that the next logical step is to teach.

1 Inspire Students & Change Lives – Most people get a job to pay the bills, but as a yoga teacher, you do a lot more than just “get by.” When your day-to-day work life consists of helping people grow in healthy, peaceful living; now that’s an amazing job to have!

2 Receive Fair Pay for Part-time Work – Life is short, the world is crazy, and most people never get a chance to step back and take deep breath! Teaching yoga is one of the rare jobs that allow you to work part-time and earn as much as you would working fulltime. If you’re like most people, that extra time is the one of the greatest gifts you could ever be given!

3 Stay Healthy & Fit – Have you had enough of those stuff-your-face, beer-guzzling office parties? Well, yoga teachers’ lives are all about healthy living, so if that’s the direction you see your life going, than you’ve come to the right place! It’s hard to be the only salad-eating, seltzer-drinking person in a group of friends, but as a yoga teacher, you’ll see a whole new, health conscious world open up; and your new friends and co-workers will share your passion for healthy, conscious living.

4 Work in a Positive Environment – A yoga studio is one of the few places where peace and positivity are actually expected from people. How refreshing! The world will never be free of office politics, impossible bosses, and overtime… but ask yourself, do you really want to be a part of that system anymore?

5 Travel & Work Anywhere in the World – Yoga came from India, spread to the western world, and then looped full circle back to the East. Today, yoga is everywhere, and as a teacher and student, you’ll find it almost impossible not to teach and study all over the globe. And the best part is, yoga teachers travel with a purpose, and ultimately, live with that same purpose as their guiding light!

6 Enjoy a Flexible Schedule – A big part of the yoga tradition is discipline, but true discipline can only come from the freedom to choose. Yoga teachers are able to set their own working schedule to accommodate the needs of their personal lives and personal practice. This is both a luxury and a necessity for growth and fulfillment (plus, it just feels great not to have to be anywhere at 09:00 a.m. every Monday morning!).

7 Do What You Love – 83% of people worldwide do NOT like their jobs. This is a tragedy! We live in a world where you really can craft your own lifestyle, your own reality; and if yoga is what you love, why not teach and share it with others? Very few people follow their passion in life, but for those that do, the opportunities that await you are amazing!

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