The top 10 tips to energy conservation in the winter

The top 10 tips to energy conservation in the winter - our Seasonal yoga plan !

  1. Stop drinking for the month of january, this helps to clean your system and allows your body to use less energy than normal for the beginning of the year.
  2. Don”t diet in January, 95% of dieters put weight back on, this is because they pick the wrong time of year to diet !
  3. Don”t go on a full on all out gym workout program in January, wait until the spring for this,
  4. Eat plenty of hot home-made soups and stews to maintain the body temperature. Introduce seaweed to them, which will help mineralize the body and support the kidneys!
  5. Meditation: winter is the best time to start practicing it! Plenty of nurturing meditation and breathing techniques throughout the winter season will have a rejuvenating effect.
  6. Work on exercises that particularly build spinal strength, maintain bone density and improve postural awareness. Improve the lower back with lots of hamstring stretches, and enhance the way you move with a Feldenkrais class, if you can find one locally. In the weight training gym keep it light with high reps to improve flexibility or try the cable machine if your gym has one.
  7. Get plenty of rest. Try to fit in with the hours of daylight for a few days, or go to bed before 10pm, or have periods of relaxation in the day to re-charge so that you are not depleting yourself. Sit by the fire and read a book!
  8. Have a sauna (or steam bath) that induces sweating, which can reduce the load on the kidneys.
  9. Take time to go on a retreat or to a health spa. Keep entertainment more restful such as going to the cinema (romantic films!).
  10. Use Oils in your bath and in burners around the house - Oils for winter are; rosemary – for low self-esteem, ginger – for strengthening fire, geranium – for calming the mind, also helpful for hormonal imbalance, fennel – great for the kidneys. Use oils such as jasmine and sandalwood in your bath.